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Battery-powered sprayer ZEUS – a gold medal winner at the Polagra Farm 2006 trade show
Based on the design of the Neptune knapsack sprayer, the battery powered Zeus 15 has been designed for spraying with diluted fluid concentrates. From the existing Neptune sprayer manual drive system has been substituted with an electric pump having performance of 1dm3/min. A 12-watt gel battery with capacity of 7Ah is used to drive the engine
The battery-powered Cyklop 20 sprayer – a GOLD MEDAL winner at the Polagra Farm 2006 trade show!
The Cyklop 20 is designed for a variety of applications: horticulture, agriculture and green-house cultivation and also for disinfecting farms, green-houses, sheds or anywhere it is needed. The Cyklop 20 is also used in car washes and auto repair shops.
MERCURY PRO+ Professional Cleaning Line Series
Mercury PRO+ hand held trigger sprayers have been created for sanitation professionals and manual car washes but are also great for home use. For the ultimate in ease of use, these sprayers feature our unique double action trigger. It sprays when the trigger is depressed and when released; one pump, two sprays!
VENUS PRO+ Professional Cleaning Line Series
Hand held compression sprayer Venus PRO+ for sanitation professionals is available in three sizes: 1 liter, 1.5 liter and 2 liter. The Venus PRO+ sprayers are ideal for professionals such as cleaning companies and car washes but also great around the house for all people who take care in maintaining their homes and cars.
ORION PRO+ Professional Cleaning Line Series
Professional pressure sprayers ORION PRO+ belong to the new Cleaning Line series of sprayers. The ORION PRO+ sprayers are equipped with chemically resistance Viton® seals, safety-valve and pressure gauge plus an innovative new nozzle that allows the user to regulate output from stream to mist.
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